07 December 2023

Life Insurance Record File for LIC Agents

Life Insurance Record File for LIC Agents

Life Insurance Record File for LIC Agents

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Keeping and managing customer records is a very important task in Life Insurance Agency. A LIC Agent can make his Life Insurance Business successful only when he provides better Policy Services to his policyholders. To provide better Policy Services, it is very important that the LIC Agent prepares his customer's personal data and manages it professionally.

In this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, information is being given about the Record File of LIC Agent. You can download it from here and take a printout and use it.

In this article, not only the information about LIC Agent's Record File is given but it is also being told how you will manage the customer data, so that you can use it properly when needed.

Requirement of LIC Agent Record File:

Every LIC agent needs the record file of LIC agent, there are many important reasons for this-

For the Awareness of Policyholders:

If you do Agency as a Life Insurance Agent in LIC of India. Than, you have to give information about Premium Due, information about Survival Benefit, information about Maturity, information about reviving the Lapsed Policy, etc. to the policies sold by you.

Consider, there is an LIC agent who does not have any information regarding the policies of his customers, then will that agent be able to present any information to his customers regarding their policies?

For Significant Servicing Occasions of the LIC Policy:

Suppose, your customer wants to revive his Lapsed Life Insurance Policy. LIC Form No. 680 is filled on maximum occasions while reviving the LIC Policy. In this form, information about the height and weight of the insured has to be given.

If the insured is a woman, then while reviving the policy, her last delivery date has to be given. If the agent does not have the customer's data then he will not be able to fill LIC Form No. 680 correctly. Similarly, customer data may be required at times during policy servicing.

When selling a New Insurance Policy:

Suppose your customer decides to purchase a new LIC policy for himself or a family member. Now, if as a LIC agent you do not already have the data of your customer, then how will you fill his new proposal form?

Suppose you sold an Life Insurance Policy to that customer 3 years ago, would you remember today what details your customer had given in that Policy Proposal Form, in the family history, while selling the LIC policy 3 years ago? Now if you do not have customer data available, the chances of there being a mistake in the new insurance policy form will remain 99%.

When Looking for New Insurance:

If you have your customer data available, then you know that when your customer's policy survival benefits will be paid, or when the customer's LIC Policy will mature?

On such important events of life insurance policy, if the LIC agent tries, he can achieve success in selling new life insurance policies.

Note: Therefore it is important that LIC Agents keep their customers' data secure and use it only when needed. So that his customer and himself continue to get benefits.

What is LIC Agent's Record File:

“LIC Agent’s Record File” is a PDF form. Which you can download from our website Jeevan Bima Bazaar and print out this PDF file and use it for yourself.

In this form, there is many options to get the customer's Personal Information, Work Information, Insurance Policy Information, customer's Family History, Nominee Details, Information about his Previous Policies. If the customer is a woman then you can include her Husband's Details, her children's details in this form.

Not only this, the customer also gives information about any two people in "LIC Agent's Record File". These are two people on whom the customer trusts and in case of his death, the customer wants the help of these two people given by him in confidential matters related to the Policy.

Use of LIC Agent's Record File:

Whenever a LIC Agent goes to sell a Life Insurance Policy, while filling the proposal form, he should also get the "LIC Agent's Record File" form filled by the customer.

Management of LIC Agent Record File:

Generally, every LIC Agent keeps the data of its customers safe in its own way. But despite this, he is not able to use them properly when needed. So I am going to tell you an easy way to secure customer data.

Follow the below steps to manage “LIC Agent Record File”.

  • For this you should take help of Google's Google Contact service. Save the customer's contact details at here.
  • When you fill the "LIC Agent's Record File" form for a customer, then take a photo of this filled form and save it in your mobile.
  • After this, insert this customer's file in Google Docs and download it in PDF format.
  • After this save this PDF file in Google Drive and copy the link of this PDF file from Google Drive.
  • Now open Google's Contact Service again and edit the customer's contact details. Insert the link of the PDF file copied from Google Drive in the Notes section of the customer's contact and save the customer's contact.

In this way, all the information about the customer along with his contact number will always be available to you and you will be able to use it. If you want to know this process in detail then read the last part of this article carefully. A video from YouTube has been shared here. Watch this video carefully on YouTube.

Download LIC Agent Record File:

Click on the button below to download the PDF file of "LIC Agent's Record File". This file is present in 7-zip format. To use this file you must first unzip it. You can use any compress software or application to unzip this file.

LIC Agent's Record File 2.6 MB

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