25 January 2023

If today was Your Last Day?

If today was Your Last Day?

If today was Your Last Day?

Through this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, we want to know the answers to some questions from you. We know that these questions of ours will bother you. But, despite this, we want to know the answers to these questions from you. Because, this question of ours is related to your family's future, their happiness and your own dreams.

I know, none of us want to even think that. Because, no one wants to die. But death is such a reality that we all have to accept one day whether we like it or not.

In today's fast paced world, death can come unexpectedly anytime in any form. Death can be due to sudden heart attack, accident or any other reason. Have you ever thought that if you do not live with your family, then what will happen to your family?

Some Questions that Need to be Answered-

As a Life Insurance Advisor, it is my duty to put such questions before you. Which is very important for the future of you and your family. If you are a responsible father, if you are a responsible husband and if you are a responsible son, I think you must find answers to these questions.

  • Is your life partner aware of your every investment?

  • Have you kept any such diary in which information about your Bank Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Real Estate details and All kinds of Investments is written?

  • Are your savings enough to provide a comfortable life for your family?

  • Do your Parents also survive on your income? Have you made any financial provision for them also?

  • Is your Life Partner aware of all your Liabilities?

  • How much Life Insurance do you have?

  • Will the Life Insurance taken by you be able to give a comfortable Life to your Family?

  • After paying all your Liabilities, is your Investment and Life Insurance enough to provide a comfortable life for your family?

  • If you have Life Insurance, have you made your spouse your Nominee in your Life Insurance Policy?

  • Is your life insurance policy covered under the MWP Act? (Policies registered under the MWP Act cannot be acquired by other legal heirs or defaulters of the spouse.)

What if today was the Last Day-

Just imagine for a moment if today were your last day. So would you have had one more chance to change the circumstances?

If you are married or you have dependent parents and you really love and care for your family. Then you should buy a life insurance policy based on the essential needs of your family.

Because it is often seen that those who do not have enough insurance. Often after death their family is forced to live their lives in misery and poverty.

So I would like to tell you right here that if you really love your family then contact your life insurance advisor as soon as possible and get adequate life insurance for yourself.

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