21 January 2023

Zindagi Aisi Bhi Ho Sakti Hai | Heart Touching Story

Zindagi Aisi Bhi Ho Sakti Hai

Zindagi Aisi Bhi Ho Sakti Hai

Many changes keep happening in human life. A heart touching story based on these changes is being presented in this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar. To enjoy this story, we request our readers to read this article in isolation and try to feel the visuals of the story.

A Heart Touching Story

This story is of Akhilesh. After completing his studies, Akhilesh started a job in a good company. As soon as Akhilesh got a job, people started coming to get married at his home. The parents also fixed the marriage after seeing a good and the same gentle girl.

Akhilesh was leading a happy life with his wife and parents. After about 2 years of marriage, a beautiful girl was born in Akhilesh's house. After a long time a small guest had arrived in the house. Because of this, an atmosphere of happiness was created in the whole house.

As soon as the little girl was born, Akhilesh got a promotion in his job. But at the same time he got transferred. Akhilesh was the only child of his parents. Because of which he did not want to work away from his parents. Akhilesh asked his parents many times to go with him. But, the father refused to leave the ancestral abode.

Finally, Akhilesh moved to the city with his wife and daughter and started doing his job. When Akhilesh's income increased, his needs also increased. For commuting home from office, Akhilesh bought a fine four wheeler. After a few years, the daughter's admission was done in a good school. Slowly, Akhilesh made available all the means of comfort and convenience in his house. There was only happiness everywhere in the house.

Every two months, Akhilesh used to go to the village with his wife and daughter and also meet his parents. Used to return to the job after providing all the necessities of the parents. Akhilesh had told the shopkeepers, medical stores and other important places around the village to make available the items needed by the parents. So whenever he returned, he used to go to meet everyone.

There was happiness everywhere in the house. Neighbors used to hear only talk of laughter and happiness from their house. That's why some people used to get jealous too.

One day in the morning Akhilesh got a call from his office. While talking, Akhilesh seemed quite disturbed. Wife Renu asked the reason for her husband's disturbance. The husband avoided Renu's words by saying, "There is very important work in the office. So I am going to the office immediately, I will return in the evening, then things will happen."

Saying this, Akhilesh takes out his car and leaves fast. While going on the way, due to the high speed of the vehicle, he loses the balance of his vehicle. Due to which car accident happens. The accident is so fatal that he dies on the spot.

Now an ambulance comes and stands in front of the house. The police begin to argue among themselves as to who will pass on this sad news to the family members. At last the police knocked on the door. In no time, wife Renu comes out of the house at the door. The police informed the wife about the accident and told that the body of the deceased was lying inside the ambulance.

Both the wife and the daughter screamed from this tragic shock and the wife fainted. Both had not imagined even in their dreams, that a day would come when they would have to face like this.

It was only a few weeks later that the neighbors saw a large lorry stopping in front of the same house. This lorry came from a local furniture shop. The people in the lorry took away a sofa set, dining table, a wardrobe and even a double bed. Neighbors had understood that all these goods must have been taken from deposit schemes in easy installments.

It was only a few weeks after the incident that the neighbors witnessed another spectacle. Four burly goons-looking men came to the widow's house. The widow who was now rarely seen by the neighbors. Today she was talking to some unknown men.

The four burly men showed him a piece of paper. From a distance, it looked like a letter. Those four people pointed towards her husband's car. The widowed wife gave the car keys to those people and then went inside the house and locked the door from inside.

All four of them started the car with a little push and took it away. The neighbors guessed that these four might have come from a finance company. Some of the last installments might not have been deposited, due to which they might have gone away with the car.

After a few days the widow was heard talking to the newspaperman. The poor thing had become so thin that it was difficult to even recognize her. Anyone who had seen him before, if he saw him again, his heart would burst. Neither she spoke to anyone nor her younger daughter. Now the little daughter did not even go to play with any of her friends.

The widow tried to explain to the newspaper man in a very soft voice. Because the matter itself was something like this. But that stone-hearted newspaperman got down to his recovery. Suddenly the widow asked him to stop and went inside the house. Neighbors heard the sound of some glass or plastic-like object breaking and at the same time the child's loud cries were heard.

Mother don't take my money, the child was crying making sounds like this. Obviously, the mother had broken the child's piggy bank. The poor woman paid the newspaper man's bill in coins.

After this no one saw that widow again. Now that widow used to get very scared of strangers. So he locked himself inside the house. Even the little girl now neither went to the neighbors' house nor went to the playground. The poor little girl probably yearned for her friends. Now even the local ice cream seller used to miss that little doll a lot.

One afternoon a man sitting on a motorcycle stopped in front of the same house. That man also knocked on the door of the house. Despite several attempts, there was no movement from inside. That person looked here and there. He saw, several pairs of eyes of the neighbors were staring at him. All the neighbors were waving their hands in one voice saying, "There is no one in the house".

That person felt something black in the lentils. So he went to a neighbor's house and introduced himself, "I am a life insurance agent. I have come to give the widow a check of twenty five lakh rupees for her husband's insurance policy and I want to meet the widow."

Hearing this, the neighbor ran away from the backyard of the house and went to the widow's house and said - open the door quickly. An angel has arrived at your door from an insurance company. Maybe God sent him to get you out of trouble.

After this, in the blink of an eye, the door opened. The agent could not believe his eyes that it was the same woman. whom he had met a year earlier. By now there was a crowd of neighbors outside the house.

The Agent said - Now don't say that you don't know me. Remember I drank a cup of tea while sitting in your house. Wanted to sell the policy to your husband. But you had opposed it time and again. You don't know that I met your husband the next day also and I sold him a life insurance policy of twenty five lakh rupees on his life. The policy is still in-force state.

Sorry I came so late. But I was not told at all. Your husband told me not to tell you about this insurance. Keep it a secret. Don't worry, we can't bring the person who is going to leave, but now with this insurance money you can deal with your responsibilities.

Friends, I want to say something-

Friends, insurance may not buy happiness, but lack of insurance can definitely destroy happiness. If you don't take life insurance, your family will definitely not starve to death. But, if you take out insurance, then in case of your absence, your family will definitely get help in dealing with your responsibilities and his compulsions.

I thank God very much. Which he has given me this kind of holy work. A person leaves his family and goes away. Then a life insurance agent like us, with the help of his company, helps that family.

After all, the business of life insurance is such a work, in which an agent has to go door to door, explaining the benefits of insurance to the people. A life insurance agent has to deal with many types of people in the society. There are many people who look at insurance agents with disdain.

Such people do not like to listen or even meet the life insurance agent. It is always the endeavor of a life insurance agent that he can explain his words to such people as well.

There are also many people who think about the agent that the purpose of the agent is only to earn commission. So my dear friend, I say from the bottom of my heart, it is not just a matter of commission. It is a matter of interests of your family and your own dreams and needs.

I humbly request all of you to get a good life insurance policy. So that your family can get help in facing such situations.

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