31 January 2023

A Letter from a Little Angel to her Father

A Letter from a Little Angel to her Father

A Letter from a Little Angel to her Father

Thoughts play an important role in human life. A person with positive thoughts has the ability to bring about better changes not only in his life but also in the lives of others. On the other hand, a person with negative thoughts not only makes his life difficult but also becomes the cause of problems for others. Every thought is like a seed, which creates a tree of human attitude and behavior.

In this article on Jeevan Bima Bazaar, I am trying to put my thoughts in the form of a short fictional story. I am sure that not only you will like this story. Rather it will touch your heart too. This story will also try to tell something. I have full faith in this.

Papa Aap Ghar Kab Aaoge -

This is a matter of those times when there were no mobile phones. Landline phones used to be installed in some houses. Neighbors used to talk to their loved ones through this land line phone. There was a happy family in those days. There were three members in this family – husband, wife and their dear daughter.

It has often been seen that daughters have more attachment to their fathers. Something similar happened in this family as well. The little girl loved her father very much and her father also loved her very much. Whenever the father used to return home tired from his work, all his tiredness used to disappear as soon as he picked up the daughter in glue.

Father's work was such that he had to stay away from home for many months due to work. As long as the father was present in the house, the happiness of the daughter knew no bounds. But when the father had to leave the house due to work, the daughter became very sad. Whenever there was a talk on the land line phone of the neighborhood, then the daughter used to be very happy.

One day this little angel of father's was sitting alone in the house thinking. It's been a long time, this time father did not come. Papa didn't even call. This little angel was very angry with her papa today and she wanted to complain a lot to her papa. But he could not think of any way to convey his words to his father.

Then suddenly a lovely smile appeared on his face. Because, he had found a way to convey his words to his father. In fact, he had seen his mother writing letters many times. So she also decided that she would write all her words in a letter and tell it to her father.

Thinking like this she took out her copy and pencil from her school bag and now starts writing letter to her father. Let's see how that little angel wrote her soft thoughts in the letter-

Papa when will you come? We all are waiting for you. Papa whenever you used to go. Used to bring us toys and lots of sweets. Papa, this time when you have gone, I don't know why you are taking so long. This time you have not even made a phone call.

Papa you don't know, whenever I ask mother when will you come, she repeatedly says that "Your father is busy with his work. As soon as he gets leave, he will come." Mummy tells me to play and keeps on crying for a long time.

Papa, I know that Mummy also misses you a lot. You are delaying coming home. That's why mother also cries. Papa, the uncle of the neighborhood became very dirty and now I do not talk to him. Papa you don't know, uncle was saying that now you will never come home. Because you have gone too far.

So dad, is it true? Now you will not come to see us. Papa, please come soon. I will not ask anything from you. Won't even ask for chocolates and won't even ask for toys. Papa, I don't do any bullying now and I will not bother you when you come near me.

Papa, you don't know, ever since you left, grandmother's health is also very bad. She also always keeps crying and keeps looking at your photo. Papa, Grandmother's medicines have also finished.

Papa, now mummy also goes to an office to work. Mother works throughout the day and cooks food at night and feeds us. Now she can't even play with us.

Papa, the school madam was speaking to collect the fees. So mother paid the fees by selling the neck chain. Papa, a very dirty uncle came and took your car away. Uncle was saying that when you people have money, then take the car. Papa, now we have to go to school on foot.

Papa, nowadays some uncles come and speak everyday. Deposit the installment of the house. Otherwise you will be thrown out of the house. Papa, what is this home loan? Papa where will we live?

Papa, this time mummy didn't even celebrate my birthday. Didn't even bring cake and didn't invite my friends either. I was crying a lot on my birthday and seeing me crying, mother and grandmother also started crying. One didn't even bring cake and was crying.

Papa, what is this Life Insurance? Neighbor's uncle was saying that if you had taken more insurance, then mother would not have suffered so much. Papa, you could not see even our small problems. So how are you seeing so much of our sorrow?

Papa, your daughter misses you a lot. Papa you come soon, otherwise take us along with you. We all want to be with you.

Dear friends, this letter must surely have shaken your heart to the core. But one question you have to answer now is, what will happen to your children if something happens to you?

If you love your family, then make sure to get good insurance for yourself. If you have got your life insurance, then deposit its installment on time.

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29 January 2023

Best Life Insurance Company in India

 Best Life Insurance Company in India

Best Life Insurance Company in India

There is a huge open market for life insurance companies in India. This is the reason why all the companies of the world are trying to do business in India. Today there are 24 Life Insurance companies operating in India.

If you are looking to buy a New Life Insurance Policy, which Life Insurance Company would be best for you and why? In this article on Jeevan Bima Bazaar, it is being explained in detail.

If you want to start Life Insurance Business as an Agent by joining any Life Insurance Company. So which life insurance company would be best for you and why? This information is also being presented in this article.

What is IRDA?

If you want to get accurate information about Life Insurance Companies in India. So for this it is very important to have information about the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority i.e. IRDA first. So let's understand what is this IRDA?

The Reserve Bank of India was established to oversee the financial institutions in India such as Banks, Post Offices, Life Insurance, etc. But in view of the problems arising later and to reduce the burden of RBI, Government of India established IRDA in 1999. IRDA has been established by an Act of Parliament, IRDA Act 1999.

IRDA is also known as IRDAI. While the full name of IRDA is Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

What is the function of IRDA?

The Reserve Bank of India was established to administer and protect the Banking Sector. In the same way, IRDA has been established to protect and safeguard the Insurance Business.

But the work of IRDA is not only this. The work of protecting the Indian society from any kind of fraud in Insurance Business is also done by IRDA. Any Insurance Company, if it wants to do Insurance Business in India, then that Insurance Company needs to obtain a certificate from IRDA. A Life Insurance company can do business in India only after getting certified by IRDA.

If an Insurance Company is certified by IRDA and is doing its business. If such a company wants to launch a new product for the customers, then it cannot launch any new product on its own.

The company has to tell all the information about its product to IRDA. If IRDA feels that the product is in the interest of the customers. Only then that product is launched in the Indian market.

If the importance of IRDA is explained in brief, it can be said that the basic function of IRDA is to try to increase the Insurance Business to provide Insurance Protection to the Indian citizens. On the other hand, it is also the basic function of IRDA to protect any Indian citizen from loss in insurance related business.

Transparency in Insurance Business -

To protect Indian citizens from fraud in the Insurance Business, the main task of bringing complete transparency is done by IRDA. The Insurance Business is basically divided into three parts. That is- Life Insurance Business, General Insurance Business and Health Insurance Business.

Possible efforts are made by IRDA to bring complete transparency in all these three businesses. After the end of every financial year, how are all the insurance companies in India running, how is the new business of which insurance company, how is the renewal business, how are the insurance companies paying different types of claims etc., all the information is provided by IRDA. It is released on the official website of IRDA. So that any Indian citizen can choose the best insurance company and insurance policy for himself after getting complete information.

That is why, for this article on the Jeevan Bima Bazaar, we have based the annual report submitted by IRDA. Which is posted by IRDA on 23 December 2022 on their official website.

Best Life Insurance Company Selection -

If you want to buy a new insurance policy for yourself or want to work as an agent for a life insurance company. So our opinion for you would be that you must consider some important points.

The first thing you should see is how strong the Life Insurance Company is and it can be assessed on the basis of Asset Value and Life Fund Value of that company. Because if a company is not financially strong, then in such a situation the possibility of bankruptcy of that company becomes very high.

When you are choosing the Best Life Insurance Company for you. Then you must research the New Business of all Insurance Companies carefully. Because the company which is doing good business at present, that company is more likely to remain strong in future also.

When you are choosing the Best Life Insurance Company for you. Then you should look carefully at the payment of claims of that company. By doing this you get to know how that Life Insurance Company pays its customers for Death Claims, Maturity Claims, Surrender Claims and all other types of payments.

List of Indian Life Insurance Companies -

Till October 13, 2022, a total of 24 Life Insurance Companies were doing their Insurance Business in India. But as of 14 October 2022, a Private Life Insurance Company named Exide Life Insurance has merged with HDFC Life Insurance.

Thus today there are total 23 Life Insurance Companies in India doing their Insurance Business. In which there is only one Life Insurance Company in the Government Sector, named Life Insurance Corporation of India. The other 22 companies belong to the private sector. Let us now know the names of all Indian Life Insurance Companies.

  1. Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited
  2. Aegan Life Insurance Company Limited
  3. Aviva Life Insurance Company Limited
  4. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
  5. Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Limited
  6. Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company Limited
  7. Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company Limited
  8. Future Generali Life Insurance Company Limited
  9. HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited
  10. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited
  11. IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Limited
  12. India First Life Insurance Company Limited
  13. Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Limited
  14. Life Insurance Corporation of India
  15. Max Life Insurance Company Limited
  16. PNB Mate Life India Insurance Company Limited
  17. Pramerica Life Insurance Company Limited
  18. Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company Limited
  19. Sahara Life Insurance Company Limited
  20. SBI Life Insurance Company Limited
  21. Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited
  22. Star Union Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Limited
  23. Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited

Finding Best Insurance Company -

If you want to get information about the Best Life Insurance Company in India. So you should take the help of the official website of IRDA. IRDA submits annual reports of all Insurance Companies at the end of each financial year. On this basis, you will be able to know which would be the best life insurance company for you?

On 23 December 2022, IRDA has presented the Annual Report of the year 2021-22 on its official website. This report is available as a PDF file. Keeping in mind your convenience, Jeevan Bima Bazaar is sharing that PDF file with you. You can easily download it by clicking on the link given below.

To download the file - Click here

Our Opinion -

If you have downloaded the PDF file by clicking on the link given above, then after checking it you can get an idea for yourself which would be the best Life Insurance Company for you?

But still I would like to express my opinion. In our opinion, Life Insurance Corporation of India would be the best organization for you. If you want to take New Life Insurance Policy or want to do business as Life Insurance Agent. Then Life Insurance Corporation of India will prove to be the best option for you.

There are many reasons for this. Life Insurance Corporation of India is a Government Organization and is working in India since 1956. That is, Life Insurance Corporation of India has the largest experience of Life Insurance in India.

Another big reason is that LIC's Asset value is more than Rs 38 lakh crore and Life Fund is more than Rs 34 lakh crore. That is, Life Insurance Corporation of India is in a much stronger position than all other Life Insurance companies. If you choose a weak insurance company. So the chances of such companies going bankrupt increases.

The next biggest reason to choose Life Insurance Corporation of India is that this Life Insurance Company gives best performance in its New Business every year. Life Insurance Corporation of India is at the forefront of paying the highest number of claims and the highest amount among all.

Apart from this, the most important thing is that all the schemes of Life Insurance Corporation of India have been made keeping in mind the needs of the Indian society. So, we will give you opinion whether you want to take New Insurance or want to work as Life Insurance Agent, Life Insurance Corporation of India can prove to be best for you.

We have presented a video for you to understand each issue in detail. You can learn more about each subject matter by watching the video below.

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27 January 2023

Why Retirement Planning

Why Retirement Planning

Why Retirement Planning

A person buys things of material comforts very easily. But he keeps procrastinating just as much for saving. This negligence of savings creates a big problem for the person in adverse environment. Still the person gets ready to save money in banks. But when it comes to buying a life insurance policy, then he backs off even more.

A person wholeheartedly fulfills the needs of the children in his life. He also fulfills the needs of the wife and other needs of the family. But when it comes time to save for old age, he sees other needs.

Old age is a great challenge for a man, if a man lacks money in his old age. So his future becomes very painful. So in this article on Jeevan Bima Bazaar, we will understand some important points of Retirement Planning.

What is Retirement Life-

I am presenting information about what is Retirement Life through an imaginary incident. I am sure that you will definitely feel this imaginary incident around you.

Mrityunjay was working in a company for a long time. Now the time of his Retirement was near. Mrityunjay had a total of four children. The first child whose name was Raghav. The second daughter whose name was Reena. Third and fourth children whose names were Surendra and Anuj.

Mrityunjay got all the four children married during his tenure. The elder son Raghav was fulfilling the needs of his wife and two children from his grocery shop. Daughter Reena was happy in her in-laws house. The third son Surendra was working in Railways and he was also happy with his wife and children. Fourth son Anuj was still looking for employment. Mrityunjay himself was fulfilling the needs of the fourth son.

Today was Mrityunjay's last day for his job. That's why the office people organized a small farewell ceremony. After the completion of the ceremony, the senior officer of the company put a beautiful shawl on the shoulders of Mrityunjay and gave a check of ₹ 25 lakhs.

Everyone was very happy. Mrityunjay was also very happy for his Retirement Life. It was also going on in his heart that his old age would pass well with three children. After a few speeches, the ceremony ended and Mrityunjay came out. Today all the three children went to receive their father with a four wheeler. The father returned home with the three children sitting in the car.

Now the fun life of Mrityunjay has started. Whatever decision has to be taken in the house, its opinion was first taken from the father. Home-made tea or breakfast was first given to the father. Meaning, Mrityunjay's Retirement was going better than what he had thought.

Few months passed like this. Now a time came when Raghav had to get his daughter's admission in engineering college. For which a fee of five lakh rupees had to be deposited. Raghav and his wife started talking among themselves for the admission of their daughter. But he could not see any way.

Raghav's wife asked her husband to talk to his father for the admission fee. Raghav also liked this suggestion. He decided that the next morning he would talk to his father about this.

Second day in the morning when father was drinking tea. At the same time, Raghav asked his father about the admission of his daughter.

Raghav- Father, your granddaughter has qualified the engineering exam. Now he has to get admission. Five lakh rupees is required for admission. Father, if you help with five lakh rupees for the admission of the girl child. So his education should be complete.

Mrityunjay- "My son, whatever money i have. It's all for you guys. Don't worry about the admission fees. I will give the fee money."

Raghav- "Papa, you will not worry at all. Slowly I will return all this money to you."

Mrityunjay- "My son, this is all yours. Will I take this money from this earth after I die? Don't worry about money, get your daughter admitted."

All the brides of the house were listening carefully to this conversation between the elder son and the father. The younger daughter-in-law was troubled by the unemployment of her husband Anuj. So she suggested to her husband that he should also demand money from his father and start some employment.

The same thing happened the next day, Anuj demanded Rs 10 lakh from his father to start his business. Father accepted this demand of his son as well. It was decided to open Anuj's clothes shop near elder brother Raghav's shop.

Now the middle daughter-in-law did not like all the things. She started thinking that father has three children. So all three children have equal rights on father's money. It was this thought that caused discord in the house.

The first effect of this was that the morning tea which father used to get first. Now the daughter-in-law started seeing each other. At the time of meal, a thought arose whether the elder daughter-in-law would give food or the younger one. Mrityunjay had never imagined such an old age even in his dreams.

To remove the discord in the house, Mrityunjay ji divided his remaining money into three parts and gave it to the three children. Now Mrityunjay and his wife became dependent on the children for all their needs. After this, once again the phase of responsibilities started in the house.

Children have to leave school or have to bring goods from the market. All such work fell upon the elderly couple. Today Mrityunjay ji could understand how fast time changes.

One day in the morning elderly couple were walking. At the same time Mrityunjay's foot slipped and he fell on his head. Some pebbles lying on the road hit his head. Due to which a lot of blood started coming out of his head and he fainted.

Some good people nearby took Mrityunjay to the hospital. Doctors started first aid. After a few hours of treatment, the doctor suggested for operation.

The doctor said- "The injury is in such a way that some pebbles have gone in the head. An operation will have to be done to remove it. But the chances of success of the operation are 50-50 percent. If the operation is not done, then It's hard to survive."

Mother did not have a single rupee in her hand. She was looking forward to her children. After waiting for a few hours, the elder son reaches the hospital. Seeing her elder son, the mother starts crying bitterly and tells all the things told by the doctor. The son goes to the doctor to know the cost of the operation.

The cost of the operation is said by the hospital staff to be five lakh rupees. The hospital staff also tell that it is very important to do the operation within the next 72 hours. Otherwise it will be very difficult to save life.

The elder son consoles the mother and returns home to arrange the money. Now all the three children start meeting at home. Discussions started for whether to get the operation done or not. While the chances of survival are 50-50. So would it be right to get the old man operated. In this era of inflation, where will the expenditure of five lakh rupees come from?

In the end, both the young children declare themselves incapable of managing the money and go to their work, calling the operation a fool's errand. Well, the elder son withdraws four lakh rupees from his bank account and reaches the hospital by borrowing one lakh rupees from friends.

He speaks after giving five lakh rupees to his mother. Mother, I had kept this four lakh rupees for my daughter's marriage and have come here with a loan of one lakh rupees. Get my father treated with this money.

Some Questions to think about-

  • Should the mother take that money for treatment or not? If it should be taken then why and if it should not be taken then why?

  • Will that father be ready to use this money for his treatment or not?

  • If the father had his own money, would he give as much thought or take a quick decision to get his treatment done?

  • Was it a fair decision to divide the money among the children or not?

  • Is it better to have a large sum of money in your old age or a small sum of money that you get every month?

Decide for Retirement Planning -

I know that each person is responsible for his own life. So I think you can understand your needs better than anyone else.

But being a life insurance consultant and looking at the social conditions, I would definitely like to tell you that you should take immediate decision for your old age as much as possible considering your current circumstances and and start saving something for your old age.

Life Insurance Corporation of India plans can be a better option for you. You should call a good LIC's Agent in your area and understand the best plans for retirement planning.

A life insurance policy for yourself that provides insurance cover and can take care of your and your spouse's needs at your retirement. Should buy such a plan.

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25 January 2023

If today was Your Last Day?

If today was Your Last Day?

If today was Your Last Day?

Through this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, we want to know the answers to some questions from you. We know that these questions of ours will bother you. But, despite this, we want to know the answers to these questions from you. Because, this question of ours is related to your family's future, their happiness and your own dreams.

I know, none of us want to even think that. Because, no one wants to die. But death is such a reality that we all have to accept one day whether we like it or not.

In today's fast paced world, death can come unexpectedly anytime in any form. Death can be due to sudden heart attack, accident or any other reason. Have you ever thought that if you do not live with your family, then what will happen to your family?

Some Questions that Need to be Answered-

As a Life Insurance Advisor, it is my duty to put such questions before you. Which is very important for the future of you and your family. If you are a responsible father, if you are a responsible husband and if you are a responsible son, I think you must find answers to these questions.

  • Is your life partner aware of your every investment?

  • Have you kept any such diary in which information about your Bank Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Real Estate details and All kinds of Investments is written?

  • Are your savings enough to provide a comfortable life for your family?

  • Do your Parents also survive on your income? Have you made any financial provision for them also?

  • Is your Life Partner aware of all your Liabilities?

  • How much Life Insurance do you have?

  • Will the Life Insurance taken by you be able to give a comfortable Life to your Family?

  • After paying all your Liabilities, is your Investment and Life Insurance enough to provide a comfortable life for your family?

  • If you have Life Insurance, have you made your spouse your Nominee in your Life Insurance Policy?

  • Is your life insurance policy covered under the MWP Act? (Policies registered under the MWP Act cannot be acquired by other legal heirs or defaulters of the spouse.)

What if today was the Last Day-

Just imagine for a moment if today were your last day. So would you have had one more chance to change the circumstances?

If you are married or you have dependent parents and you really love and care for your family. Then you should buy a life insurance policy based on the essential needs of your family.

Because it is often seen that those who do not have enough insurance. Often after death their family is forced to live their lives in misery and poverty.

So I would like to tell you right here that if you really love your family then contact your life insurance advisor as soon as possible and get adequate life insurance for yourself.

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23 January 2023

How to Avoid Banking Fraud

How to Avoid Banking Fraud

How to Avoid Banking Fraud

Indian society places a lot of trust on the people associated with banking services. All the banking employees have contributed a lot in building this trust. But, there are definitely some such complaints coming from the bank account holders for the last few years. Which is raising a big question mark on this belief.

Some such complaints have also come to our notice through social media. What are these complaints and what can you do to avoid such problems? In this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, it is being told.

Banking Fraud-

India has increasingly tried to improve its banking system. As the Indian society has started adopting the internet, keeping in mind the needs of the people, Indian banks have introduced facilities like internet banking and mobile banking.

But the speed with which the Indian society has started accepting the online banking system. At the same speed, the number of all kinds of online banking frauds has also increased a lot.

Sometimes in the name of reward, sometimes in the name of medical facilities, sometimes in the name of some special service, the Indian society is constantly becoming a victim of banking frauds. However, the Government of India is taking strict steps to stop this fraud. But until the general Indian society will not be alert and aware of its online banking services. Till then it will prove to be a very difficult task to completely stop this fraud.

Reserve Bank of India data-

If the reports published in newspapers and magazines are to be considered as the basis. So, according to the Reserve Bank of India, in the year 2018-2019 there has been a fraud of 71750 crore rupees. In the year 2019-2020, this fraud took place to the tune of Rs 1.85 crore.

When the Reserve Bank of India presented its data for the year 2020-2021. So looking at it, it is known that during the period of the year 2020-2021, fraud of Rs 1.35 trillion has been done. These figures are shocking and I am sure there will be many more such cases, Which would not have come to light due to lack of report.

Fraud case Committed by a Bank Employee-

An account holder goes to his bank, So that he can start a new RD or Fixed Deposit account. In many cases, it has been complained by the account holders of the bank that the bank employee got them to sign for opening a new RD account in the bank or for starting a new fixed deposit, but they were not given the new RD or fixed deposit account. Any life insurance policy or ULIP plan was given in its place.

Once such a life insurance policy or ULIP policy is issued, the account holder cannot do anything. A life insurance policy or ULIP policy cannot be broken either or the account holder has to suffer huge losses if broken before the time period. By the time the account holder is aware of this, it is too late.

One such case has also come before us through social media. what's the problem? For this I have prepared a video for you. You watch this whole video carefully. So that you can take an informed decision when needed.

Be careful while opening a New Account-

I hope you must have watched the above video and understood the whole point. If the complaint is true then surely the bank employee has done wrong. But would you call only the bank employee wrong? Is there no fault of the person complaining in the video.

The easiest solution to this is that whenever you decide to make any kind of investment. So you must get complete information about that investment. Before making any kind of investment, the concerned organization gives a form to be filled. Try to fill that form yourself and read its terms and conditions carefully.

The One Time Password (OTP) received from the banks should not be disclosed to any other person, no matter how great the need may be. If necessary, reach the bank and complete your work manually.

If you adopt the methods mentioned above, then you can easily avoid many such problems.

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21 January 2023

Zindagi Aisi Bhi Ho Sakti Hai | Heart Touching Story

Zindagi Aisi Bhi Ho Sakti Hai

Zindagi Aisi Bhi Ho Sakti Hai

Many changes keep happening in human life. A heart touching story based on these changes is being presented in this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar. To enjoy this story, we request our readers to read this article in isolation and try to feel the visuals of the story.

A Heart Touching Story

This story is of Akhilesh. After completing his studies, Akhilesh started a job in a good company. As soon as Akhilesh got a job, people started coming to get married at his home. The parents also fixed the marriage after seeing a good and the same gentle girl.

Akhilesh was leading a happy life with his wife and parents. After about 2 years of marriage, a beautiful girl was born in Akhilesh's house. After a long time a small guest had arrived in the house. Because of this, an atmosphere of happiness was created in the whole house.

As soon as the little girl was born, Akhilesh got a promotion in his job. But at the same time he got transferred. Akhilesh was the only child of his parents. Because of which he did not want to work away from his parents. Akhilesh asked his parents many times to go with him. But, the father refused to leave the ancestral abode.

Finally, Akhilesh moved to the city with his wife and daughter and started doing his job. When Akhilesh's income increased, his needs also increased. For commuting home from office, Akhilesh bought a fine four wheeler. After a few years, the daughter's admission was done in a good school. Slowly, Akhilesh made available all the means of comfort and convenience in his house. There was only happiness everywhere in the house.

Every two months, Akhilesh used to go to the village with his wife and daughter and also meet his parents. Used to return to the job after providing all the necessities of the parents. Akhilesh had told the shopkeepers, medical stores and other important places around the village to make available the items needed by the parents. So whenever he returned, he used to go to meet everyone.

There was happiness everywhere in the house. Neighbors used to hear only talk of laughter and happiness from their house. That's why some people used to get jealous too.

One day in the morning Akhilesh got a call from his office. While talking, Akhilesh seemed quite disturbed. Wife Renu asked the reason for her husband's disturbance. The husband avoided Renu's words by saying, "There is very important work in the office. So I am going to the office immediately, I will return in the evening, then things will happen."

Saying this, Akhilesh takes out his car and leaves fast. While going on the way, due to the high speed of the vehicle, he loses the balance of his vehicle. Due to which car accident happens. The accident is so fatal that he dies on the spot.

Now an ambulance comes and stands in front of the house. The police begin to argue among themselves as to who will pass on this sad news to the family members. At last the police knocked on the door. In no time, wife Renu comes out of the house at the door. The police informed the wife about the accident and told that the body of the deceased was lying inside the ambulance.

Both the wife and the daughter screamed from this tragic shock and the wife fainted. Both had not imagined even in their dreams, that a day would come when they would have to face like this.

It was only a few weeks later that the neighbors saw a large lorry stopping in front of the same house. This lorry came from a local furniture shop. The people in the lorry took away a sofa set, dining table, a wardrobe and even a double bed. Neighbors had understood that all these goods must have been taken from deposit schemes in easy installments.

It was only a few weeks after the incident that the neighbors witnessed another spectacle. Four burly goons-looking men came to the widow's house. The widow who was now rarely seen by the neighbors. Today she was talking to some unknown men.

The four burly men showed him a piece of paper. From a distance, it looked like a letter. Those four people pointed towards her husband's car. The widowed wife gave the car keys to those people and then went inside the house and locked the door from inside.

All four of them started the car with a little push and took it away. The neighbors guessed that these four might have come from a finance company. Some of the last installments might not have been deposited, due to which they might have gone away with the car.

After a few days the widow was heard talking to the newspaperman. The poor thing had become so thin that it was difficult to even recognize her. Anyone who had seen him before, if he saw him again, his heart would burst. Neither she spoke to anyone nor her younger daughter. Now the little daughter did not even go to play with any of her friends.

The widow tried to explain to the newspaper man in a very soft voice. Because the matter itself was something like this. But that stone-hearted newspaperman got down to his recovery. Suddenly the widow asked him to stop and went inside the house. Neighbors heard the sound of some glass or plastic-like object breaking and at the same time the child's loud cries were heard.

Mother don't take my money, the child was crying making sounds like this. Obviously, the mother had broken the child's piggy bank. The poor woman paid the newspaper man's bill in coins.

After this no one saw that widow again. Now that widow used to get very scared of strangers. So he locked himself inside the house. Even the little girl now neither went to the neighbors' house nor went to the playground. The poor little girl probably yearned for her friends. Now even the local ice cream seller used to miss that little doll a lot.

One afternoon a man sitting on a motorcycle stopped in front of the same house. That man also knocked on the door of the house. Despite several attempts, there was no movement from inside. That person looked here and there. He saw, several pairs of eyes of the neighbors were staring at him. All the neighbors were waving their hands in one voice saying, "There is no one in the house".

That person felt something black in the lentils. So he went to a neighbor's house and introduced himself, "I am a life insurance agent. I have come to give the widow a check of twenty five lakh rupees for her husband's insurance policy and I want to meet the widow."

Hearing this, the neighbor ran away from the backyard of the house and went to the widow's house and said - open the door quickly. An angel has arrived at your door from an insurance company. Maybe God sent him to get you out of trouble.

After this, in the blink of an eye, the door opened. The agent could not believe his eyes that it was the same woman. whom he had met a year earlier. By now there was a crowd of neighbors outside the house.

The Agent said - Now don't say that you don't know me. Remember I drank a cup of tea while sitting in your house. Wanted to sell the policy to your husband. But you had opposed it time and again. You don't know that I met your husband the next day also and I sold him a life insurance policy of twenty five lakh rupees on his life. The policy is still in-force state.

Sorry I came so late. But I was not told at all. Your husband told me not to tell you about this insurance. Keep it a secret. Don't worry, we can't bring the person who is going to leave, but now with this insurance money you can deal with your responsibilities.

Friends, I want to say something-

Friends, insurance may not buy happiness, but lack of insurance can definitely destroy happiness. If you don't take life insurance, your family will definitely not starve to death. But, if you take out insurance, then in case of your absence, your family will definitely get help in dealing with your responsibilities and his compulsions.

I thank God very much. Which he has given me this kind of holy work. A person leaves his family and goes away. Then a life insurance agent like us, with the help of his company, helps that family.

After all, the business of life insurance is such a work, in which an agent has to go door to door, explaining the benefits of insurance to the people. A life insurance agent has to deal with many types of people in the society. There are many people who look at insurance agents with disdain.

Such people do not like to listen or even meet the life insurance agent. It is always the endeavor of a life insurance agent that he can explain his words to such people as well.

There are also many people who think about the agent that the purpose of the agent is only to earn commission. So my dear friend, I say from the bottom of my heart, it is not just a matter of commission. It is a matter of interests of your family and your own dreams and needs.

I humbly request all of you to get a good life insurance policy. So that your family can get help in facing such situations.

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19 January 2023

By doing this Your Children will not be Stolen

By doing this Your Children will not be Stolen

By doing this Your Children will not be Stolen

Today, information about the theft of children is often being found in the society. Certainly, when such incidents are mentioned in front of you, your mind would also be scared about your children. That's why in this article of life insurance market, today I am going to mention such an incident, which will prove to be helpful in securing your children.

A Password that will Protect Your Kids-

Once a stranger told a small girl that your mother's health has suddenly become very bad. Due to which he has been admitted to the hospital. Your mother wants to meet you and so she has sent me to you. So son, come with me.

Hearing this, the girl said to that unknown person that it is okay, I will definitely go with you. But if you are sent by my mother to call me to her. So my mother must have told you some password. You tell me that password first. After that I will go with you. Hearing this, the stranger hesitated and left the girl there and walked away.

Actually this girl used to live with her mother and the father of this girl used to live abroad in connection with his work. So both of them had already decided that if ever there was a chance to send a stranger to bring the child from somewhere, the mother would tell him a password. Through which the girl will come to know that the unknown person has actually been sent by her mother.

So, isn't it a very easy way, for the safety of the children. So you must also create a password for the safety of your children and for that keep making your children aware again and again.

Because accidents happen sometimes, but safety has to be done again and again.

Note- This article has been issued in public interest. We sincerely thank you for reading this article carefully. We request you to share the link of this article on your social media account for social welfare.

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