27 March 2024

Life Insurance Management Course Chapter - 1

Life Insurance Management Course Chapter - 1

Life Insurance Management Course Chapter - 1

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If you are a Life Insurance Agent and want to achieve success, it is extremely important for you to manage your Personal and Professional Life Tasks. This work will help you establish a balance in your Personal and Professional Life, which will lead to success in your Family Life and your Life Insurance Agency.

We are launching Life Insurance Management Course so that Life Insurance Agents can achieve success by maintaining harmony in their Personal and Professional lives. Through various chapters of this Management Course, you will be able to know different types of Management Rules to make your Business Successful.

In today's article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, the first chapter of Life Insurance Management Course is being presented. This chapter explains how a Life Insurance Agent can apply the principles of management in his professional and personal life. If you are a Life Insurance Agent then you should read this article carefully and adopt the information given here.

From the Author-

My name is Ritesh Kumar Upadhyay and I am working as a Life Insurance Consultant in Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) since the year 2001. Additionally, since 2015, I have been continuously training Life Insurance Agents and Development Officers using a variety of Digital Platforms.

As a writer, before starting this Agent Management Course, I would like to tell you that whatever information I am going to present through the various chapters of this Management Course is based on my own experiences. Which I have achieved during my work and training programs.

So let us start the first chapter of this Life Insurance Management Course.

Leave the Habit of Procrastination-

If a Life Insurance Agent wants to be successful, he should first give up the habit of postponing his important tasks. Because if you postpone your important tasks, then due to this you have to face complex problems and with your own hands you end the chances of achieving success in your future.

Now when I am talking about postponing work, I do not mean only your business work. Rather, what I mean is both your Personal and Professional Work. If you give importance only to your personal work then your professional work will be affected and if you give importance to your professional work then you will have to face tension in your family.

Now if I explain the personal duties of a Life Insurance Agent then I would like to say that you are very important for your family along with being a Life Insurance Agent. You have to do various types of work for your family like buying monthly household items from the market, arranging medicines for elderly members, depositing children's school fees, etc., these are the tasks which you have to do only.

Similarly, to run your Life Insurance Business, you have to work for New Business, provide services for Previous Policies and do various other types of work. Apart from this, a Life Insurance Agent also has to do various types of office related work.

Just imagine, what could be the consequences if a Life Insurance Agent has a habit of postponing his work. Let us understand through some possibilities.

Personal Duties of a Life Insurance Agent-

Suppose your wife tells you one morning that when you return home in the evening, you will buy vegetables from the market. Now imagine for a moment, you are late in returning home and you forget to buy vegetables. So what could be the outcome of this?

Next day morning you will have to go to the field to conduct your Life Insurance Business. Your children have to go to school. Your wife will face problems due to lack of vegetables. The result of which may be that due to tension you and your wife may have a fight.

Now if this happens then imagine the next day when you go to the field to do your Life Insurance Business, what will be the impact of such an incident on your business?

Professional work of Life Insurance Agent-

Although a Life Insurance Agent has to do many types of work in his Life Insurance Business, but I want to draw your attention to some important tasks. Suppose one day you meet three people in your work area and one of them tells you that he wants to discuss a Life Insurance Policy with you and he will be free the next day, due to which he wants to meet you the next day.

Now you think that when you go home in the evening, you will write that person's name in the Prospect List. But if you do not do this in the evening, what could be the consequences? It is possible that the next day you may forget the customer due to some other work and may not contact him. Now even if you go to meet that person after time has passed, it is possible that the person may not give you time.

If you have a habit of procrastinating in your professional work, then surely after some time you will come to know that the person who wanted to buy a Life Insurance Policy from you has already purchased the policy from someone else.

First Management Rule for Life Insurance Agent-

The above incidents testify to the fact that if you have the habit of postponing tasks, then because of this you will have to face difficulties in both your personal and professional life. Therefore, our first suggestion for your success would be that if you want to make your Life Insurance Business Successful, then you should immediately give up the habit of procrastination.

Apply Arrangement System-

If you are an old agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India, then you must have seen the docket room of your Branch Office. In olden times, until LIC had digitalized its proposal forms, Proposal Forms for various types of works were obtained from the docket room only.

In those days, if you needed a policy docket, you used to write down your policy number. Shortly after doing this, you would receive your policy docket. Similarly, in other institutions there are rules to keep things organized. So that when needed, related things can be easily obtained.

Now if you are a Life Insurance Agent, consider how you organize your stuff? Suppose you had deposited the premium of one of your customers two months ago and had kept its receipt in your bag. But due to some reasons you had taken out its receipt from your bag and kept it somewhere. Today that customer has come to your house and is asking for his receipt, now the question is, will you be able to give his receipt to your customer in the next 5 minutes?

If you are a Life Insurance Agent, then you will have to develop the habit of keeping various types of things organized in your family life and professional life. But this work is very difficult to be done by you alone. You will have to inculcate the habit of keeping things organized in all the members of your family.

Example- Suppose you and other members of your family keep various types of household items here and there in the house and you think that it is the responsibility of one member of the family to keep the things in order. The people living in a house whose habits and ideologies are like this, often fight among themselves and remain stressed due to not getting the necessary things.

Imagine that you have prepared a list last evening in which you have written which people you will meet in the field today and what you will do in the field today? But you left the page of that list there last evening. Now, You are taking bath and at the same moment some guests come to your house. Your wife asked the children to remove the items kept on the table and make the guests sit there.

After some time, the children go to school and after the guests leave, you get ready to go to your work field. Now you need the list you made last evening but can't find it. Imagine what the situation would be like at your home? Now you also think about whose fault it is in this entire process and what could be its consequences?

Friends, due to many such small incidents, your entire family has to face stress and your and your Life Partner's time gets wasted due to unnecessary reasons. Think for yourself that after facing so much stress at home, if you have to go to the field, will you be able to run your Life Insurance Business properly and what could be the condition of your life partner in such an environment?

Second Management Rule for Life Insurance Agent-

If you are a Life Insurance Agent then you should make a strategy to arrange different types of daily things in your Family Life. Along with this you also need to organize all types of items related to your business.

While making such a strategy, you should involve all the members of your family. After talking to them, rules should be made with everyone's consent and it should be ensured that all the family members follow these rules. If you do this, it will save a lot of time for you and all your family members and all your family members will be free from unnecessary family stress.

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