17 April 2023

LIC Survival Benefit Information

LIC Survival Benefit Information

LIC Survival Benefit Information

If you want to become a successful agent in LIC, then you have to take care of your old policies as much as you do for new policies. LIC agent should keep his policy holders informed about the information related to life insurance. The agent who keeps doing this type of work. His policy holders also get insurance of their close people to that agent.

The meaning of saying is that if you do the work of Policy Servicing for your policyholders in a better way. So doing this has a very positive effect on your new business.

In this article of Jeevan Bima Bazaar, some important tools are being given to give information about survival benefit. LIC agents can use this tool for those policies where the provision of Survival Benefit or Loyalty Addition is available.

Notice of Survival Benefit-

In some plans of LIC, there is a provision of survival benefit. In these schemes, money is returned at certain intervals before the maturity of the policy. Such plans of LIC are also known as Money Back Policies.

LIC Agents must inform their customers about this. So that the customer gets to know about it before the due date of Survival Benefit.

Benefits of Giving Information-

If you give information about survival benefit to your customers, then its first benefit is that the customer pays the premium of the policy in time. Due to which you get timely commission of that policy.

Another advantage is that you avoid all kinds of accountability. As you know that LIC makes any kind of payment in the bank account of the policy holders. When you inform the customers about the benefits of survival, then you also make them aware of NEFT. If the customer does not update the NEFT, it is his fault and not yours.

By reporting the survival benefit, the customers get to know that they are going to get some money from LIC. If you tell the features of any policy to the customer at such a time. Then, there are high chances that the customer will buy a new policy from you. If your customer is already satisfied with your policy servicing, then he will have no objection in buying a new policy from you.

Get format of Survival Benefit Information-

LIC agents can easily send survival benefit information to their customers, for this we have prepared text message, whatsapp message, image message and email template for you. You can get it as per your requirement by clicking on the link given below.